TOYOKEIKI installs the PV (photovoltaics) system
The power sum of them exceeds 50 MW on a contract basis

January 20th, 2014

In December 2014, TOYOKEIKI has reached the PV system sales of 50,000kW (50MW, they are equal to 50 mega solar panels) on a contract basis. The production of electricity corresponds approximately to 15,000 homes’ electricity use.

It has been 4 years since TOYOKEIKI began PV selling business. During that time, we have tried boosting PV demands by the help of gas companies in our country. Furthermore, TOYOKEIKI formed a special team, “Taiyotai (PV team)”, which installs solar panels, designed and installed panels that have more than 500kW such as PV panels that have more than 1.5MW on the roofs and at the same time, it increased the number of installation of the panels that have under 50kW steadily.

TOYOKEIKI’s PV power generation (196kW)

TOYOKEIKI’s PV power generation (196kW)

Especially the number of installation of solar panels for industrial use is increasing drastically in 2 years. Panels for industrial use account for 63%, panels and for home use account for 37% overall in 50,000kW.

Introduction of solar panels can make a enough profit to clear off the payment of purchase in 10 years because “Feed-in tariff” makes electric companies buy renewable energies at the rate of 40 yen/ kWh in 2012, and at the rate of 36 yen/ kWh in 2013. It was a stimulus to boost the demand of solar panels for industrial use and still it is now. Many consumer will order the panels by upcoming March in a hurry.

Furthermore, TOYOKEIKI developed an always monitoring service of PV power generation. It applies communication technology of AMR of LP gas and water, a manned 24 hour 365 day “TOYOKEIKI Multi-Center” can receive the alarm information and give instructions. We, TOYOKEIKI, will develop the PV system, set out to expand the order of solar panels and also would like to expand the distribution of the monitoring service more.