TOYOKEIKI Co., Ltd develops and starts to sell “Smart-Cloud One Pack”

February 10th, 2014

TOYOKEIKI has developed and start to sell the new system “Smart Cloud One Pack”. This system helps to “visualize” Energy Usage such as gas use and promote the efficiency of LP gas business by taking advantage of cloud computing technology, and the detail of the system is going to be released in the TOKEIKAI, which are the held in March to April all over Japan this year by TOYOKEIKI. The sales goal including its related equipment is 500,000,000 yen.

TOYOKEIKI has received and analyzed the AMR data of LP gas, city gas, water by using “Multi center”.

Features of TOYOKEIKI’s cloud center

  • It equips required software to run a LP gas business.
  • Its cloud computing is run jointly by TOYOKEIKI and Sharp Co., Ltd.
  • We formed a partnership with a major convenience-store-payment company “Wellnet”, so you can pay for gas at major convenience stores (called e-Gas Ticket).
  • Backup servers are running in the Sapporo second center in case of emergency.
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry gave us the title “Designated Security Business Operators”.

TOYOKEIKI uses this center as a basis and “Smart Cloud One Pack” has two objectives to run.

All-in-one package of home energy use visualization

TOYOKEIKI offers an all-in-one package of home energy use visualization by transmitting and receiving meter-reading data through the Internet connecting with its “Cloud Center” and every home. It is the system aimed at “Smart grid” for gas.

It displays gas and electricity usage on your tablet PC and smart phone. There is no need for exclusive devices such as that of HEMS previously. You can check the home energy use everywhere, so that you can manage and save the electricity and gas rate easily.

  • You can check the gas usage and approximate gas rate of each use purpose such as hot water supply, and heating. The data an hour are accumulated for 2 years automatically. It is effective to offering an efficient and an economical gas rate menu if you introduce ENE FARM (Fuel cell), Energy Storage Battery system and so on.
  • If “Micom” meter shuts down when the earthquake and other emergency situations, your tablet PC and smart phone can display them.
    They can also display the returning guide and it will help to boost convenience of gas usage.
  • Usage charge is sent to your tablet PC and you can pay for it by using data.
  • You can check the electricity usage data of each appliance (or each outlet).
  • It visualizes the entire home’s energy consumption including water and heat usage by installing a flow meter.
Visualize energy usage by using Tablet PC (image)

Visualize energy usage by using Tablet PC (image)

All-in-one pack of LP gas software

In the past, to introduce “New Rate Plan”, which realizes different usage charge from time to time, e-gas ticket, which makes it possible to pay for usage charge at a convenience store, and “Wireless Meter Reading System” by Tablet PC, software alternations are needed by gas companies, so it is difficult for them to bring up the services. However, gas companies don’t need any alteration of software because the cloud space we offer equips the software. This makes it possible to conclude just one “New Rate Plan”-contract. TOYOKEIKI and MARUTOU COMPACK Co., Ltd conducted joint development of the software incorporated in the cloud space.

You can connect with the network of “Smart Cloud One Pack” through the IP network of the Internet, phone line, and the mobile network (including the PHS line).

Also, TOYOKEIKI is trying to structure different Energy Management Systems, such as HEMS (Home Energy Management System), BEMS (Building Energy Management System) and FEMS (Factory Energy Management System).

TOYOKEIKI has conducted active discussions on brand-new systems that encourage gas companies to manage gas business more easily facing this “Changing Energy Era”. We hope this system can fit the new era that energy industries create.

We, TOYOKEIKI, will have contributed to the further development of gas industries.