TOYOKEIKI developed “Integrated rate calculation software”

December 21th, 2015

TOYOKEIKI Co., Ltd (Matsumoto City, president and CEO: Yasuhide Tsuchida) developed “Integrated rate calculation software” for the LP Gas industry.

A basic rate plan for LP gas usage fee as well as that of city gas and electricity is gaining more recognition than ever, expanding liberalization of retail electricity sales. By making use of newly-developed “Integrated rate calculation software” integrates various kinds of rate plans and simulates the change of sales revenue if any changes in the rate plan by trial calculation.
This software is developed with the cooperation of Kanto Astomos Gas Co., Ltd (now Astomos retailing Co., Ltd Kanto company).

TOYOKEIKI developed and has suggested “New rate plan”, which is the first business model measuring gas separately, for 15 years.
LP gas, simplified gas, and city gas companies have many past performances of “New rate plan” and TOYOKEIKI has accumulated rich know-how to install it from such companies before, including selection of a rate plan.

This “Integrated rate calculation software” for LP gas companies can figure out a new basic rate plan in consideration of the users distribution by inputting present several rate plans and monthly gas usage according to the supply destination.
It also calculates automatically sales based on a present rate plan, a calculated basic rate plan and a “new rate plan”.
Furthermore, it calculates how many customers of hot water and/or heat you should contract to in order to maintain sales. It is possible to do a trial calculation according to individual housing or complex housing.


Screen shot of “Integrated rate calculation software”

The data accumulated in the past, such as “a rate by use” or the rate plan hot water and/or heat user chooses, and ”rate by time” is embedded in the software. “New rate plan” advocated by TOYOKEIKI realizes the expansion of gas equipment and it is a very effective way for gas industries to increase sales and gain more profits because it enables customers to obtain cost benefit by using it wisely.

Now that we are entering the new age of energy, TOYOKEIKI’s “New rate plan” and “Integrated rate calculation software” which meet multiple need are highly expected because we would like customers to choose LP gas.
TOYOKEIKI will contribute to the development of the LP gas industry to “create the era of gas” through this software.