Reorganization and personnel revisions

March 30th, 2016

We announce that TOYOKEIKI adopts personnel revisions and reorganization, which are effective in April 1, 2016.


  • TOYOKEIKI reinforced the structure of controlling sales department to expand sales of gas and water meter.
  • TOYOKEIKI separated ”R & D mechanical design team” into “team of gas meter mechanical design” and “team of water meter mechanical design” in order to reinforce R & D.
  • TOYOKEIKI reorganized AMI business operation division to cope with the demand expansion of software products.

Personnel revisions

Name New position Former position
Hideo Nakata Executive director in charge of sales department Executive director and submanager of sales department
Kiyotaka Miyahara Director in charge of product planning and development
Director in charge of new business development
Director and general manager of R & D
Hirokazu Akiyama Director and executive advisory engineer in charge of production and technology of gas Director and executive advisory engineer
Takashi Komatsu Director in charge of international business and gas business Director in charge of gas business
Takafumi Nihonmatsu Submanager of sales department Chief of sales Headquarters for broad area
Takahiro Otsuki Chief of sales department Section chief of Sales Headquarters for broad area
Fumitaka Fukushima General manager of R & D Submanager of R & D
Kazuhiko Hayashi Chief, R & D team of gas meter mechanical design Chief, R & D mechanical design team
Keisuke Toriyama Chief, R & D team of water meter mechanical design Assistance chief, R & D mechanical design team
Motohiko Uehara General manager of gas business department Specialist of gas business
Yukio Kobayashi Submanager of production department Manager of production promotion office
Yukio Izumi Submanager of AMI business operation division Chief of system division, AMI business operation division
Kenji Mineyama Chief of Multi-center, AMI business operation division Technical staff of AMI business operation division