Special seminar “New Gas Business Act and the future of LP gas industry” held by TOYOKEIKI and National TOKEIKAI has rush on applications

September 1st, 2016

The National TOKEIKAI and TOYOKEIKI (Matsumoto City, president and CEO: Yasuhide Tsuchida) Co., Ltd. are going to hold a special seminar “New Gas Business Act and the future of LP gas industry” on Tuesday, September 27 and the seminar has a rush on applications.

Begin with “New Gas Business Act”, which is about to come into force in next April, tutors well acquainted with the act will give a lecture on the future of LP gas industry or a hot topic. As a result, many people have been highly interested in the topic since reservations became available, so more than 200 people applied for attendance as of September 1 although the capacity of the lecture is 340. There are about 100 left for attendees.

The panel discussion is going to cover subjects bellow.

  • Cost sharing of wholesale distribution fee
  • Release of LNG base
  • Effect of abolishment of gas piping regulation
  • Transitional fee
  • About community gas
  • Subjects relating to gas meters and 3 safety measures to take and etc.

Agenda may change due to facilitation of the seminar.

It is a meaningful opportunity to consider the LP gas industry. There is little remaining capacity, so please make early reservations if you are all interested in the seminar.

Summary of seminar

1. Date: Tuesday, September 27

2. Hour: 13:00 to 17:10 (Reception starts 12:15)

3. Program:

Lecture 1

“Change of gas industry by changes of Gas Business Act”
Mr. Shinichi Kusanagi
Professor at School of Economics, University of Hyogo
Commissioner of Electricity Systems Reform Subcommittee, Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

Lecture 2

“New Gas Business Act and new business model of LP gas industry”
Mr. Haruo Ishii
Professor at Faculty of Business Administration, Toyo University
Commissioner of Subcommittee on the Policy for Industrial Water, Industrial Structure Counci, METI

Panel discussion
-Problem presentation,
Qs and As-

Mr. Haruo Ishii, professor at Faculty of Business Administration, Toyo University

Mr. Shinichi Kusanagi, professor at School of Economics, University of Hyogo
Kenji Tsunoda, director of The Japan Gas Association
Kazuo Dobashi, secretary general, Japan LP Gas Enterprise Association
Yasuhide Tsuchida, president and CEO, TOYOKEIKI Co., Ltd.

4. Site: room 281, Surugadai Memorial Hall, Chuo University, (3-11-5, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

5. By appointment only
・Please apply via e-mail to the following address;
・Write your name, affiliation (company and title), address and phone number when you apply for this seminar.
・After we receive your application, we will send you the application certificate in the PDF format, so print and bring it on that day.

6. Application deadline: Thursday, September 15
*Capacity is 340 persons. If participants reach the fixed number, we will stop accepting applicants

7. Attendance fee: 10,000 yen every person (including tax and textbook).