TOYOKEIKI decides outline of “The 35th TOKEIKAI”
Special seminar held by Mr. Funamura, president of Astomos Retailing Co., Ltd.

January 10th, 2017

TOYOKEIKI Co., Ltd. (Matsumoto city, president and CEO: Yasuhide Tsuchida) is going to hold the 35th TOKEIKAI. One of them “Kanto TOKEIKAI” will be held at March 3 and the other TOKEIKAI be held at 11 locations in our country.

In the Kanto TOKEIKAI, TOYOKEIKI is going to invite Mr. Kazuhito Funamura, the president of Astomos Retailing Co., Ltd., to hold a special lecture presentation “Challenge for new era of LP gas -Astomos Retailing Style-”.

Yasuhide Tsuchida, president and CEO of TOYOKEIKI, will also give a presentation titled “Let’s make a Gas Era Part I, II and III”. He is going to report New Rate Plan integrated a rate plan in some cases and an example of actual gas sales expansion and suggest introduction cases of increasingly-installed “Ultrasonic meter supporting ‘Touch meter reading’” and suggest a management effect of well-reputed “e-Gas Ticket”. Furthermore, he will also talk about ECO ONE, measures against “ZEH (Net Zero Energy House)”and SARPCO, which takes advantage of emergency generator and PV generations.

The date of TOKEIKAI is below.

Schedule of TOKEIKAI

Area Date Location
Kanto Friday, March 3 Keio Plaza Hotel
Chugoku Wednesday, March 8 HOTEL GRANVIA HIROSHIMA
Kyusyu Friday, March 10 Hotel New Otani Hakata
Shikoku Wednesday, March 15 JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu
Kansai Friday, March 17 HOTEL GRANVIA OSAKA
Tokai Thursday, March 23 Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel
Nagano Friday, April 7 Hotel Buena Vista
Tohoku Tuesday, April 11 Hotel Metropolitan Sendai
Hokkaido Thursday, April 13 Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo
Nigata Wednesday, April 19 Hotel Nikko Niigata
Hokuriku Friday, April 21 ANA CROWNE PLAZA KANAZAWA

TOYOKEIKI will contribute to the development of the energy industry through TOKEIKAI in the future.