TOYOKEIKI Co., Ltd. "36th TOKEIKAI" has special lecture It invites Mr. Toyoshima, EV Business Planning Dept. Manager

January 5, 2018

TOYOKEIKI Co., Ltd. (Matsumoto City, president and CEO Yasuhide Tsuchida) will hold the 36th "TOKEIKAI" in 11 districts nationwide, starting from the Kanto TOKEIKAI on March 2.

For the special lecture of the Kanto TOKEIKAI, TOYOKEIKI is going to invite Mr. Koji Toyoshima, the Chief Engineer, and Manager of EV Business Planning Dept., Toyota Motor Corporation, and he will talk on "Future Car Building to think from EV".

Mr. Toyoshima is a professional in automobile development who served as development director of 3rd Prius, 4th (current model) Prius, first generation PHV, and second generation (current model) PHV. Currently he is in charge of planning EV project as a manager of EV Business Planning department.

The automobile industry is taking an advanced approach to consider the future of the energy structure, IoT, and AI, including EV (electric vehicle) and automatic driving. This lecture by the leading expert of such fields seems to be a meaningful opportunity for the management of the gas and energy industry.

Mr.Koji Toyoshima’s Profile

Toyota Motor Corporation
Chief Engineer - Advanced Technology Development Company, Research & Advanced Development Planning Division, EV Business Planning Department Manager - EV Business Planning Department

In 1985 he joined Toyota Motor and was assigned to the body design department. In the design room of Corolla etc., he had been involved in body design for 17 years.

In 2001 he moved to product planning office of Lexus LS, and he was in charge of LS 460 and LS 600 h.
After that he was in charge of a commercial vehicle for Europe as a Chief Engineer.

In 2011, in the section "ZF organizing general next-generation environmental vehicles, he was assigned for the Chief Engineer of 3rd and 4th generation Prius, and Prius PHV.
In 2016, he was assigned for the Manager of EV Business Planning Department. Now, in the department, he is charge of EV project planning in the same room.

In addition, in order to contribute to the local car community, he hosts the "SAKURA Project" to generalize external power sources aiming for making disaster-resistant areas.